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This is a romantic image of me putting my butt in front of my boyfriend and him responding by patting it. I usually just set the timer on my camera and we figure something out, but this day we weren’t very creative. So I just made him touch my butt which is a common thing for me to do anyway.

Sometimes a little butt touching is all you need. No apology necessary. The lighting in this phot is perfect it looks like you’re in a studio but the moment captured is so intimate and genuine it could only be in a bedroom. Thanks for sharing.



This is the main portal to the ancient sacred spring that is now called the Chalice Well.

q’d ♛
but-merm asked:
I went to lake g for a bit but i dropped out and im doing hairdressing now :) what school are you at?

Oh nice :) im at lake g now!

cute mushrooms i found the other day
but-merm asked:
Hey, do you live in canberra by any chance?

Yeah, why?


Reblogging since I didn’t notice it was a gif at first and it just kinda freaked me out lol

Opalized Wood. Super Bright pinfire colors running through natural ironstone. 120 Million Years old Wood. 49.17 Grams